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Hydroponic Equipment


Nutrients & Growing Media

Move your garden indoors with equipment from grow depot. Our center has everything you need to have  hydroponics work for your crop.

Good growth comes from solid equipment. Thats why, from lighting to controllers and meters, our center has the equipment, including bulbs, ballasts and reflectors  your plants need to reach their full potential.

The magic is in the media. Our center knows what nutrients and growing media your plants need to thrive, so let us help you get growing.

Contact us in Auburn, Maine, and let our garden supply center help your plants propagate.
245 Center St. Auburn (207) 312-5535   171 Capitol St. Augusta (207) 213-6852

About Us

Grow Depot is an indoor garden supply center with locations in Auburn and Norway, Maine. We provides services for indoor gardeners in and around Androscoggin County. The team behind our family-operated business has more than 20  years of experience in the industry.

Whether you are a new gardener or  grow like a boss, our store can help you select the right products for your needs. Grow Depot has the best quality products at prices you can afford. In addition, our experts are always here for you to talk to. Online quates are also available.

Hours of Operation
10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Norway store closed Sundays

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Central and Western Maine

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